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Jan Čižmář - lute, theorbo, guitar

VIP / corporate productions

Being equally comfortable on classical world-class stage as well as taking part in various theatre productions around the globe, Jan Cizmar is also glad to present his music production as part of your corporate event, VIP dinner, important company meeting or family anniversary. For majority of audiences his unique instruments as well as the music he performs makes a major impact and creates a special moment to remember and talk about.
Exact format of Jan's production will always be tailor-made in close cooperation with you, in order to fit your needs and the particular situation.
Past clients include IBM headquarters Amsterdam, European Commision, Dutch Parliament - Tweede Kammer, Victoria and Albert Musem London, National Gallery London, National Museum Prague, Moravian Museum Brno, AEC, Mexican Embassy in The Netherlands, Czech Embassy in The Netherlands, Finnish Embassy in The Netherlands, Raad van Staate, NIAS, Raad van Rechtspraak, Van Loon, LUMC medical conference, Pulchri Studio, Rotary club, City of Brno Museum, Czecho-Slovak Society of Arts and Sciences, ČEZ, Lobkowicz collections a.o., as well as numerous private weddings, birthday, funeral or party occasions.

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